The Institute
  To create awareness among various target groups on entrepreneurial opportunities
  To encourage and assist in setting up enterprises by individuals focusing on first generation entrepreneurs through appropriate training, which includes inputs, like Behavioral Motivation, Managerial Competencies and selective technical skill.
  To formulate & conduct Enterprise Management Training for owners/ managers of small & medium enterprises
  To help and assist unemployed youth both educated and uneducated –urban and rural in acquiring skills for both wage & self employment
  To encourage and promote research & special studies on various aspects of entrepreneurship and small & medium enterprises; market surveys, potentiality surveys, technical feasibility and economic viability studies
  Formulate proposal for new units and rehabilitation of sick units
  To organize vocational training for skill up-gradation including establishment of vocational training centers
  To spread entrepreneurial education at the school and college level
  To develop resource maps of West Bengal for the aspiring entrepreneurs
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